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Sedona is such a magical place- the scenery of painted red rock filled with lush green brush interspersed with wildlife and the power of the vortexes make for a memorable visit every time. I have been fortunate enough to live close to this natural marvel and I visit as often as possible. On one of my last adventures there I hiked Boynton Canyon to visit Warrior Rock and Kachina Woman. In the last picture you can see these two: Warrior Rock is the spire on the left and Kachina Woman is the formation on the right. This site is particularly special in that it is perfectly balanced male and female energy…yin and yang in exquisite harmony. The tranquility and stillness in this place is almost unreal, time stops and you are at one with everything.

While at the top and standing inbetween these two magnetic powerhouses I scooped some of this magic Vortex sand into some vials. This sand is created by the battering of weather against the stone formations themselves…mother nature carving these giant marvels and leaving sparkling sand in her wake.

This diminutive vial packs a powerhouse punch energetically, carrying the Vortex energy of Boynton Canyon in Sedona. The balanced but high vibrational energy from this location is ideally suited for when you are trying to balance the polarization or duality in your own life. Experience this unique Vortex energy for yourself anytime when you have it right in your sacred space. This little sparkling jar of bright red Sedona sand is the perfect addition to any altar or curiosity cabinet! ♥

The measurements for this vial are approximately:

Height: 1 inch // Width: 1/2 inch // Weight: 2 grams

Each piece from my shop is cleansed with water and/or sun, smudged with sage and charged in the light of the full moon. Your new crystal or mineral will arrive carefully packed, cleansed of lingering energies and ready for use!


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