Rare Yellow Orange Flower Fluorite Matrix with Purple Octahedrons




Such a rare find! This sparkling piece of crystal fluorite is in an unusual yellow-orange sorbet color matrix holding a few deep purple octahedron pieces with phantoms inside.

The metaphysical properties of fluorite are ideal for stress relief and calming anxiety. In particular purple fluorite helps you connect to the third eye chakra and aids in psychic visions. The yellow/orange fluorite is beneficial for unity and understanding, it has the ability to harmonize group energy.

The measurements of this piece are approximately:

Weight: 53 grams // Width: 50 mm // Height: 25 mm

Each piece from my shop is cleansed with water and/or sun, smudged with sage and charged in the light of the full moon. Your new crystal or mineral will arrive carefully packed, cleansed of lingering energies and ready for use!


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