Labradorite Galaxy Palm Stone Flashy Spectrolite Pocket Worry Stone Rainbow Starlight




This piece of labradorite (spectrolite) is like holding a galaxy in the palm of your hand! I’m in love with the way this stone flashes. Both sides have bright colors that seem to pop out of the piece. The little specks resemble stars against bright blue and green backdrops molted with orange and yellow. There are tiny flashes of purple also in this stunning stone!

Labradorite has protective properties and is ideal to keep on your altar or person. It is a stone of serendipity and synchronicity. Everything seems to happen at just the right moment with the aid of labradorite. It is an excellent companion stone to aid in development of psychic awareness, clairvoyance and astral projection.

The measurements of this piece are approximately:

Weight: 82 grams // Length: 65 mm // Width: 35 mm

Each piece from my shop is cleansed with water and/or sun, smudged with sage and charged in the light of the full moon. Your new crystal or mineral will arrive carefully packed, cleansed of lingering energies and ready for use!


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