Blue Celestite Sphere Egg Crystal Cave




Such a stunning, sparkling sky blue celestite spherical egg cluster! This little gem is comparable to holding a crystal ice cave in the palm of your hand. The little portals feel similar to secret entrances to the angelic and faerie realms. The depth of color is most intense in the center, surrounded by pastel blue and pale grey matrix.

This stone similarly will help you access the hidden portals of your own intuitive world. It helps you to connect with the angelic realms and encourages pure limitless expression in the arts. Celestite more than just looks like ice, it has the unique ability to calm a fiery temperament. The peaceful energy of this stone especially soothes troubled minds and it helps aid you in clear expression.

The measurements of this stone are approximately:

Weight: 139 grams // Width: 48 mm // Height: 40 mm

Each piece from my shop is cleansed with water and/or sun, smudged with sage and charged in the light of the full moon. Your new crystal or mineral will arrive carefully packed, cleansed of lingering energies and ready for use!


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