Autumn in Avalon- Fiery Fall Color Labradorite Pocket Pebble Sparkling Spectrolite Palm Stone Fey Fairy Druid Awen Altar Mineral Golden Gem


Fall is one of my favorite seasons and when I was photographing this piece I couldn’t help but crave those crisp, golden autumn colors! This pocket stone has such a brilliantly magical flash to it that seems to appear suddenly out of the ‘mist’ of the mineral…which instantly reminded me of the Isle of Avalon and the stories behind it. The color play in this piece is breathtakingly bright with swaths of green layered with opulent orange, sparkling yellow and a golden glow. On the other side it is equally as flashy- green paired with pearlescent pink and some slight touches of ultra rare purple along with rivers of blue running through the piece.

Labradorite has protective properties and is ideal to keep on your altar or person. It is a stone of serendipity and synchronicity. Everything seems to happen at just the right moment with the aid of labradorite. It is an excellent companion stone to aid in development of psychic awareness, clairvoyance and astral projection.

The measurements for this piece are approximately:

Weight: 56 grams // Width: 2 1/4 inches // Height: 1 3/8 inches // Thickness: 1/2 inch

Each piece from my shop is cleansed with water and/or sun, smudged with sage and charged in the light of the full moon. Your new crystal or mineral will arrive carefully packed, cleansed of lingering energies and ready for use!

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